“Art which appeals to me has something to say. It is not just a visual image, but an interpretation of what I see around me.”

Australian artist, Eddie Warhurst paints expressive landscapes of the Mallee region of inland Australia. Native birds and animals, old woolsheds, deserted farmhouses, the Murray River and Hattah Lakes are prominent subjects in his paintings.

Born in Mildura, the Mallee was home to Eddie Warhurst for much of his life. This environment remains a strong influence in many of his paintings. He admits to having a strong mixture of Mallee dust and Murray River water running through his veins…and his empathy with the area is reflected in his expressive paintings.

His landscapes are descriptive of this semi-desert region of inland Australia with its sometimes raw and compelling beauty. He does not see himself as a painter of birds in the realist tradition, but acknowledges that they are an integral part of the environment. “Native birds and animals are a vital part of our Australian landscape and I often include them in my works. They remain witness figures to so much and I use them as such. Even if we cannot see them we can hear them – if we pause to listen. They often have more relevance to the landscape than people.”

Trained as a Secondary art teacher and tertiary lecturer, Eddie has held a number of successful solo exhibitions in regional galleries. He has also painted extensively for clients on a commission basis, his latest being a commission of six large paintings which may be viewed at the Euston Club in southern NSW.

Eddie paints in oils on canvas and hardboard and his works vary from 120cm x 90cm to a variety of smaller sizes.

Having relocated to Aireys Inlet, he is looking forward to the challenge of capturing the environment of the Surf Coast of southern Australia in his individual style. However, his frequent visits to the Mallee region will continue.